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Dandelion Seeds

Getting rid of weeds

Weeds could be any kind of plant growing in the wrong place. Dandelions, bramble and cleavers are probably what come to mind first but there may be plenty of other plants crawling into areas of the garden they don't belong. Have a closer look at your lawn and planters. Anything there that shouldn't be?

There are two distinct types of weed. Perennial and annual weeds. As the name suggests annual weeds seed, grow and flower within a year. They spread fast and produce throughout the year so you can quickly find yourself surrounded. Cleavers and chickweed are two common types found around Hertfordshire. The aim is to cull them before they start seeding and spreading. So give us a call or get to it yourself quickly if you start spotting any of these.

Perennial weeds die in the winter but grow back in the spring. Even if you can't see them they may be dormant, surviving on food in their roots and getting ready to spring up. Nettles, bramble and dandelions are all very common types. Digging them up is a slow process sometimes but worth it because you can dig away all the food their store in roots making it harder for them to grow back.

Half the battle is being able to spot them at the right time. If you want the help of one of our keen eyed gardeners then give us a call and we can get rid of them and leave you with the right advice. 

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