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Hedge Trimming

Beautiful borders and hedges all year round

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Frame your garden with beautiful hedges

What type of hedge are you dreaming of? Something crisp, tight and neat or something a little less formal? Depending on what you're after our designers and gardeners can help you plan for it.

Newly planted hedges need formative pruning early on to create the right shape. Normally this is done in winter or spring. From there they'll need tending to once or twice per year to look their best. The neater and more formal you want your hedge the more frequently they need attention. 

Getting the right shape takes the right tools and a practiced technique. Depending on the shape we can use templates, string or even wooden guides to get the edges consistent all the way across. Then the shears and trimmers need to be sharp and held parallel. to the hedge or bush. A nice dense plant is what we're after.

Lastly, it's important to look out for any wildlife nesting in the hedges before we start. We also consider your boundaries and where the plant is going to be growing. With lots to consider do get in touch to discuss your project. You may just need a quick bit of advice or you could benefit from some time with a garden designer to map out the plan.

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