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Bespoke care just for your lawn

First things first is to understand what we're dealing with. Do we need to start from scratch? Are there some weeds and moss taking over? Or do you just need some edging and regular care?

Our team look after lawns all over St Albans and Hertfordshire where some have ample light while others sit in the shade. The lawn surroundings require different seed and care.

Blessed Earth can offer a few different services. We can be your regular lawn care experts or one off advice and to touch up some edges. Here are some basic steps we follow.

Keep it fed and watered

Don't overwater, instead try to use grey water or rainwater to keep things green. Fertiliser can also help either using a wheeled feeder or in with the water.

Routine mowing

Try to not mow too short, especially in the summer, letting it grow to over 5cm will help it retain moisture. This can mean mowing roughly every two weeks in summer. Need some support? We're here to help

Seeding when needed

Preparing and seeding bare patches with new seed is straightforward. Or even cutting in a new patch of turf to make patches good as new.

Edging to perfection

No tricks here, hard work leads to great results. Close care and attention to all borders will instantly sharpen the look and feel of your garden. If you're hosting and want your outdoors to look their best, talk to us. 

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