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Starting your own vegetable patch

Vegetable gardens are becoming more popular than ever, and these days they're not just confined to the allotment. As spring rolls round we have more and more clients chatting to us about the things they want to grow.

What do you want to see sprouting in your vegetable patch? With the right set up and care you can have leafy greens, root veg or fruit that you could have sworn was veg. 

Depending on the size of your garden or the crops you want to grow we can help you get your garden prepped. Raised beds can help bring structure to your garden, or building structures to grow vertically will maximise yield per square foot. It might be worth having a chat with our garden designer if you want to really transform your garden.

Here's some quick advice from us if you're just starting out on your vegetable garden adventure:

  • Start with easy plants - potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes are staples for a reason!

  • Start small - don't attempt to take over your whole garden with veg straight away. You've got to think about the upkeep.

  • Weeding - stay on top of the pesky perennial weeds to give your vegetables the best chance of survival. 

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