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Head Gardener and Lead Tree Surgeon


Arwen Meertens

Community Engagement Coordinator

Arwen is a trained Social Worker, she is keen to help bring work opportunities to those who need it. She loves spending time outdoors, being Dutch it's hard to get her off her bike. 

Doctor Sarah Blissett

Creative Consultant

Sarah is James' sister and is a writer, artist and researcher who collaborates with Blessed Earth on creative learning opportunities. She has a passion for food, cooking and the environment.

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Operations Manager

Alex has over 20 years commercial business experience and is fluent in four languages. Alex is passionate about the environment, gardening and travel. Occasionally you’ll find Alex’s head in the clouds (literally!) as she has started training for her private pilot’s licence. On Terra Firma Alex is happiest organising the Blessed Earth CIC team and ensuring that all of our clients and their gardens are well looked after. 

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 Jim/ Patch

Gardener and Groundsman

With us since our founding, Jim is a proud member of the autistic community. He has an extraordinary range of life experience and accomplishments. Jim has been a coach driver, bus driver, train driver, gardener, salesman and served in the armed forces. He has a passion for God, trains and Doctor Who. Jim brings exceptional enthusiasm and creativity to the team.

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 Dan Meakin 

Head of Marketing

Dan has been in digital marketing for ten years now and has helped many charities do more of what they do best. After James and Jim helped remove some trees from his garden he was struck by their business and personal ethics and wanted to get stuck in. When he's not behind a laptop he's cycling or on the beach.

The old English meaning of Blissett is Blessed, James has certainly felt very blessed his whole life with many amazing opportunities. He’s a trained chef, artist, rock climbing instructor, botanist and qualified tree surgeon and qualified carer for individuals with spinal injuries. James is passionate about equal employment opportunities for all.