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Planning ahead for good tree planting

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the type and position of your new tree.  Knowing what's best for the local wildlife, your garden's conditions and the maintenance required makes these tough decisions easier. 

One of the first choices is which species to plant in your garden. Soil type is worth considering, you can start by taking a look around for trees in your area. Which types are thriving nearby? It's also good advice to look at UK native trees to make sure you're not bringing in exotic pests or diseases.

Our team of gardeners can also help you choose the right spot in your garden. It's crucial to think ahead to how it might grow,  potentially affecting your neighbours and outlook. Roots and branches can extend out further than you might think so it's worth getting some expert advice. 

Speak to our head gardener, James, to get some advice and help with planting in your garden. 

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